The name Adonai (Adonay) is found over four hundred times in the Bible, and its’ meaning is revelatory in nature. The name comes from the singular word Adon, which translates as “master” or “ruler.” It contains the concepts of “dominion,” “rulership,” and “ownership.”

The Secret to Financial Victory

In 2 Kings we read about a biblical example of a woman in debt. Her husband had died, and the authorities were getting ready to take her children to debtor’s prison for what she owed. She had no solution to her problem. As a single parent, she heard nothing but creditors knocking at her door. The creditors didn’t care that she was alone and had no way to get them their money. All they knew was that she was saying that she couldn’t pay her bills.


Jehovah is the name with which most of us are familiar in one form or another. It is also the name that is used most frequently throughout the Old Testament – 6,519 times. In fact, it is – in our contemporary mindset – God’s most famous name.


God identifies Himself as Elohim thirty-five times at the start of Scripture. In fact, it is the only name used for God from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:3. Other names comes later in His personal revelation of His character throughout His Word, but we find an emphatic referral to Elohim in the beginning. One reason I believe such a focus is put on this particular name of God could be that He wants us to understand first and foremost His power. The literal translation of the name Elohim means “strong one...