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TODAY’S SERMON from Tony Evans

Knowing God CD Series AND Power of Knowing God Study DVD AND Power of Knowing Good Study Guide AND Book

Knowing God CD Series AND Power of Knowing God Study DVD AND Power of Knowing Good Study Guide AND Book

Knowing God CD Series AND Power of Knowing God Study DVD AND Power of Knowing Good Study Guide AND Book

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TODAY'S SERMON from Tony Evans

The Protection of Prayer

The Lord's Prayer by Tony Evans

The Lord's Prayer CD Series AND God is More Than Enough booklet

Divine Encounters CD Series AND Kingdom Encounters book

Yes, Please

Turning a Nation to God CD series and Stronger Together

In a time when national divisions and church divisions seem to be at an all-time high, we need to be reminded of what builds unity and helps us come together in righteousness. Discover how you can respond to God’s call for unity and help turn our nation back to God.

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The Lord's Prayer by Tony Evans

To help transform your prayer life, we want to send you The Lord’s Prayer, Tony’s popular sermon series about taking full advantage of our opportunity for personal communication with God. We’ll also include the encouraging booklet, God is More Than Enough.

Both these resources are yours with your generous gift to our ministry.

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Tony Evans Study Bible

New Study Bible Cover

The Tony Evans Study Bible has a brand new cover: teal/earth LeatherTouch with a polished gold gilding. This study Bible is the culmination of a decades' long labor of love, combined with over 50 years of studying and preaching. With over 225,000 in circulation, the study Bible and commentary (available here) are strengthening faith and changing lives.

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Oneness Embraced

May we do our part to help bring people to a spiritual, biblical view of race. Explore more on unity, history, and cultural impact in Oneness Embraced.

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Tony Evans Training Center

Engage with the Bible Anytime and Anywhere.

The Tony Evans Training Center offers website and App access to many dynamic study courses such as:

  • Kingdom Man (Free)
  • The Gospel of John
  • Evangelism (Free)
  • And many more!
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Lois Evans Tribute

Lois’ Legacy

Dr. Lois Evans lived life on purpose with a God-given purpose. The integrity of her heart and the skill of her hands left footprints that are indelibly etched into the life of The Urban Alternative.

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Just Like Dad MP3

New Jonathan Evans sermon Just Like Dad: Air Date 11/24


The Kingdom Agenda Strategy For Community Transformation.

2021 Inspirational Calendar

2021 Calendar (we wouldn’t blame you if you hung it up now)

Could you use a bit more hope? We know. Life can be hard. You need a place where you can find wholeness again. Happiness. Even strength. That’s why we’re here. Walking with you on this journey to your destiny. for you:

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