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Concept of Faith

The Best of Tony Evans 2018 CD series

The Best of Tony Evans 2018 CD Series

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The Best of Tony Evans 2018

Get Tony’s best so you can be your best!

We want to share the finest of Tony’s teachings with you this holiday season. Request our 20 most streamed and requested  full-length sermons with your gift of any amount to our ministry.

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The Blessings of Taking God Seriously CD series

The Blessings of Taking God Seriously

Unveil the specific spiritual blessings that God provides to those who take Him seriously.

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Custom Made and Called for a Purpose

Discover Your Unique Calling

Experience the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are living out the calling God has for you.

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Believe CD Series


Learn where and how you can encounter God when you find yourself trapped between a rock and a hard place.

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Kingdom Man

Starting now, you can be a kingdom man.

Could you use a bit more hope? We know. Life can be hard. You need a place where you can find wholeness again. Happiness. Even strength. That’s why we’re here. Walking with you on this journey to your destiny. for you:

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