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Is the Lord Your Shepherd? Part 2

God is More Than Able by Tony Evans
God is More Than Able CD series

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God is More Than Able by Tony Evans

God is More Than Able

Your worries and fears will be put to rest after listening to this series on the 23rd Psalm. Listen as Dr. Tony Evans explains David’s song as a testament of God as our Shepherd. Through this series you will learn how your spiritual, directional, emotional, physical, and eternal needs are all met through our Shepherd. David uses the analogy of a shepherd protecting and providing for his flock of sheep. God is the ultimate Shepherd and we are the not-so-smart sheep.

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Prophecy and Our World

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Have you ever pondered the meanings behind Biblical prophecy? Prophecy and Our World Volumes 1 & 2 is Tony’s 12-message teaching series, and these two volumes are yours with your gift of any amount to help us continue taking God’s Word to a world in need.

Find out how Biblical prophecy applies to you!

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