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Contentment as a Single, Part 2

Kingdom Single by Tony Evans
Kingdom Single

Yes Please
Kingdom Single by Tony Evans

Kingdom Single

Brand New Book:

If you’re single and feeling incomplete or even like a second-class citizen in Christian circles, Dr. Tony Evans wants to encourage you to live fully where you are.

Kingdom Single will encourage you to see yourself as complete in Christ and free to serve Him. It will empower you to live as Kingdom men and women in a corrupt culture.

Tony Evans is a much-loved pastor and known for his sense of knowing when to encourage and when to lovingly admonish, to help people become who God calls them to be. If you are single and reading this book―or if you lead or pastor singles―your identity in Christ will be affirmed. Additionally, you will receive coaching for what to look for in a prospective spouse, and be challenged to live godly lives while pursuing Kingdom causes.

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Detours and Kingdom Single

As Seen on TV

Discover delight in life’s detours and sweetness in being single. Whether you are single (or know someone who is), this brand NEW book will radically challenge everything you may have ever heard or been taught on the status we call “single.”

Request Kingdom Single and Joseph: Detours to Destiny with your gift of any amount.

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