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Exploring the Song of Solomon with Tony Evans

The Song of Solomon is a book that is often misunderstood, misapplied, or simply left unread. It’s really not like any other book of the Bible. It’s an example of an ancient Near Eastern love song—essentially, love poetry. It is filled with passion and sensual imagery So, what is a somewhat erotic love song doing the Bible?

It’s really not like any other book of the Bible.

Some have suggested that it is actually just a symbolic poem about the love of God for His people, and emphasizes the passionate desire He has for them. But that interpretation seems to be an attempt to make a mystery out of something that is actually pretty straightforward.

Perhaps instead we should read it literally—as story about how God’s love impacts human relationships. Clearly, the Bible isn’t afraid to address the issue of love between a man and a woman being expressed in romantic terms. Within the context of the marriage of these two lovers we see that God endorses the physical part of their union. It isn’t something God sees as dirty, but something He sees as beautiful.

God doesn’t shy away from these matters.

The Song of Solomon is a very tender, touching—and yes, sensual—book given to us so that we can understand not only how we can relate to God, but how He wants us to relate to one another within the context of marriage. God doesn’t shy away from these matters. So, let’s search the pages of this poem to find out what He has to say about tenderness, care and love as a reflection of His kingdom relationship with us.

Here’s a short video that highlights five key themes in the Song of Solomon. May you be blessed by it!

Exploring the Song of Solomon with Tony Evans

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