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Exploring the Book of Zechariah with Tony Evans


Like his contemporary, the prophet Haggai, Zechariah was involved in preaching to the discouraged Jews who had returned from exile in Babylon. But instead of focusing on the present, as Haggai was doing, Zechariah was looking into the future. The biblical book that bears his name contains eight strange visions he was given about what the future would hold.


Zechariah, whose name means “the Lord remembers,” called the people to remember God’s promises. And he assured them that God would establish His rule on earth through the union of the roles of King and priest in the person of the Messiah. That rule would extend beyond the people of Israel to the whole world. For though they had suffered through times of exile, God had not forgotten His people.


Zechariah called the people to prepare, and so we are called to prepare for Christ’s second coming.

Biblical scholars are not in complete agreement about the precise meanings of all the symbols contained in the visions, but it is clear that much of it concerns his prophetic predictions of the coming Messiah, Jesus. And when he is speaking of this glorious future, Zechariah can barely contain his excitement. It is an excitement that you and I can share. We may not have all the answers about Bible prophecy, but we know that the promised one has come. Zechariah called the people to prepare, and so we are called to prepare for Christ’s second coming.

Here’s a short video that highlights five key themes from the book of Zechariah. May you be blessed by it!

Video: 5 Lessons from the book of Zechariah. Play video

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