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Exploring the Book of Hosea with Tony Evans


The story of the prophet Hosea is a lived-out illustration of God’s infinite patience and everlasting love for His people. Hosea, a prophet in Israel, is called upon to do something very unexpected—marry a known prostitute and have children with her. He does as he is told, but the marriage quickly deteriorates. She commits adultery, and her act of unfaithfulness becomes a parable that parallels Israel’s relationship with God.


Though she is unfaithful, Hosea remains faithful.


Though she is unfaithful, Hosea remains faithful. His patient, forgiving love for her is a picture of how deeply committed God is to His people. He doesn’t give up on them. In fact, their sin breaks God’s heart. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need a stern rebuke for their moral depravity, their apostasy, their idolatry. Love sometimes requires calling for repentance.


Hosea teaches that God will not allow His people to become unfaithful without consequences.


Through the actions of His prophet, God is saying to Israel, “I will welcome you back if you renew your covenant with Me.” Hosea teaches that God will not allow His people to become unfaithful without consequences. Just as a husband and wife expect faithfulness from each other in marriage, so God expects the full-time commitment of His people. But when they fail, they can be forgiven, for He is faithful to His covenant. His heart toward His people is a heart of love and compassion.

Here’s a short video that highlights five key themes from the book of Hosea. May you be blessed by it.

Video: 5 Lessons from the book of Hosea. Play video

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