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Explore the Book of Jeremiah with Dr. Tony Evans

Poor Jeremiah—he preached, but few seemed to be listening. Jeremiah prophesied in Jerusalem, warning of the impending punishment of Judah. He is sometimes known as the “weeping prophet” for the emotional tone of his dire predictions and because of the great personal sacrifices he made to preach his message. That message was largely a message of judgment, a call for repentance, and a return to God. View a brief video overview here.

Throughout his entire career, Jeremiah received almost no positive response from his listeners. It was almost as though he was preaching into the wind. But he persevered in the face of frustration and pointed people toward the Potter (God), who wished to shape the clay (His wayward people) into what He intended for them.

Jeremiah received almost no positive response from his listeners.

God commanded Jeremiah not to marry as an illustration of the isolation that God was feeling from His sinful people. And yet, it is in Jeremiah that God reveals a new kingdom covenant He would make with His people to cleanse them, give them new hearts, and restore them to a relationship with Him. The good news of Jeremiah is that despite our sin, our merciful God is offering us restoration if we will repent and return to Him.

Here’s a short video that highlights five key themes from the book of Jeremiah. May you be blessed by it.

Video: 5 Lessons from the book of Jeremiah. Play video

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