Taking Out the Trash

Taking Out the Trash

Thursday’s my day. I don’t know your home, but Thursday is trash day at the Evans house. So, every Thursday morning, I have the trash out by the curb in plenty of time for them to pick it up. I don’t want to miss them because then I’ll be stuck with smelly, stinky trash for another week. But you know what I have noticed about trash day? I have never had a trashman come to my front door and ring the doorbell, asking me where my trash is. I have never had that happen. If it’s not out there by the curb, they just move on.

You need to take the step of taking your emotional and spiritual trash to Him.

It’s up to me to get it out there. Just like it’s up to you to carry your burden to Jesus. He says, “Come.” He doesn’t say to wait inside the confines of your own pain for Him to show up and take it all away. You need to take the step of taking your emotional and spiritual trash to Him. When you carry your burden to Christ, He will give you rest. He will take it away. He will remove the stench causing you to remain awake when you should be asleep. He will cart off the load piling high in your soul, taking up too much room and limiting you on what else can thrive within. He will do all of this, but you have to do something first—you have to carry your trash to Jesus Christ.

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