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The Strength of the Meek

The Hoover Dam produces enough energy for California, Nevada and Arizona. It is concentrated power–but under control. Because of this, it can produce enough for all three states. But if you ever let that water loose, it would bring disaster to the very areas it was designed to help. 

When power exists without control, it can create a tsunami—a torrent of chaos sweeping over the land, destroying everything in its way.

We’ve all seen people on the news who seem to have lost all sense of control. They seem to have gone crazy. They are doing things that are unconscionable. This is because they have lost the ability to control their own life force—the power they have within them. 

Living with meekness means living with self-control.

Jesus offers us another way. Living with meekness means living with self-control. When you and I surrender our lives to Christ, we are called to surrender our gifts, skills, talents and personal strength to the authority of God. Most of the chaos we are facing today in homes, communities, churches and in our culture is simply due to a lack of self-control and failure to surrender to the legitimate authority of God’s rule.

Meekness is not weakness.

Meekness is not weakness. Living with uncontrolled passions, desires and sin is weakness. God blesses meekness and gentleness. As Matthew 5:5 says, “Blessed are the gentle for they shall inherit the earth.” Paradoxically, meekness is the path to spiritual strength.


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