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Discover God's answer to our racial crisis.

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Oneness is hard to achieve. Let the kingdom unity of Scripture point the way.

Today’s world is torn apart. Tension is everywhere. Brother is pitted against brother, sister against sister, citizen against citizen, even Christian against Christian. It’s so hard to find agreement—much less real harmony—in our polarized society. Can there be a way forward?

Tony Evans knows how elusive unity can be.

As a black man who’s also a leader in white evangelicalism, he understands how hard it can be to bring these worlds together. Yet he’s convinced that the gospel provides a way for Christians to find oneness despite the things that divide us. In the Word of God, we find a kingdom-based approach to matters of history, culture, the church and biblical justice. 



Look at Oneness


View of the Black Church


Vision for Societal Impact

Kingdom Race Theology

In this shorter excerpt from Oneness Embraced, you can focus entirely on the solution step to racial division known as Kingdom Race Theology.
(128 Pages)

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