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Become a Kingdom Kindness Ambassador

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Be The Change

Join the initiative

Be a part of the dynamic new initiative by Dr. Tony Evans which is spreading an atmosphere of hope across our nation. Replace hurtful speech with helpful speech. Choose honor over hate. Basically, DO what God says: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good, (Rom. 12:21). 

If we each do our part, we can create a collective ripple reaching further than we ever could on our own.

How It Works

Let God Lead

It’s easy. Just open your eyes and your heart to perceive how God leads you to do one act of kindness a week. If you want to do more, all the better! But when you do it, be sure to ask them if you can pray with them. Also ask if you can present the gospel to them. They may not say yes, but that’s okay. Just smile and leave them a card. On the card is a QR code they can use to watch a gospel presentation some other time. Everyone is different and some people are introverted or private, so don’t be offended. Just leave the card and leave room for the Holy Spirit to continue the work you started. 

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Share the Gospel

Provide hope

We all know that we’re supposed to share the gospel with others, and we genuinely want to. But sometimes sharing the good news of Jesus Christ can be intimidating. We’ve put together these resources to help you do your part in taking the gospel to a world in need.

Want to know how to share the Gospel? Listen to Tony as he walks you through the steps you can take.

Kindness Products

What are acts of kindness?

Be Intentional

Acts of kindness can be anything from offering to carry groceries for someone who is struggling (maybe an elderly person or a young mom), or bringing a cup of coffee to a coworker, or helping a neighbor, taking someone lunch, tipping more than standard, offering to help someone who looks lost, holding the door open, letting someone in line ahead of you, to simply being intentional about what you say and seeking to encourage someone who is down.

There are so many ways we can all be more kind. These are just a few, and we know you’ll come up with some great ways too!

Become a Kingdom Kindness Ambassador

Spread Kindness

Get Custom Cards

If you want to have the kindness cards CUSTOMIZED to your local entity, mom’s group, prayer group, church or organization – simply email us at or fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you. That way you can include your own NAME and LOGO, and church worship times – or any other information on the back of the card – to let people in your community know where they can get together with more awesome and super-kind people like you! 

Note: A minimum order of 250 cards applies to CUSTOMIZED orders.
If you want pre-made Kindness in the Culture cards sent to you: