Heroes of the Faith
Vol. 1 and 2 CD series

Heroes of the Faith Vol. 1 and 2 CDs + Kingdom Disciples Bible Study Kit

YOU Are A Hero!

Heroes of the faith come in all shapes, ages and sizes. Just ask Sarah who became the mother of Israel way past her prime. Or Moses, who went from a basket to a bounty in the Promised Land.

Heroes don’t dress in sparkly clothes or leap over buildings. No, heroes comes dressed just – like – you, armed with faith and arrayed in hope.

Why not get more of what you need to fully live out your heroism on earth through Tony’s 12-part sermon series: Heroes of the Faith. Each message comes with tips and insights on how to apply the power of faith to every area of life.

The entire 12-message series is yours, with our thanks, for partnering with us in taking God’s Word to a world in need. Now go, be that hero God made you to be!