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Enoch: The Walk of Faith

The Bible doesn’t tell us a lot about Enoch, but it tells us that “he walked with God and he was not, for God took him” (Genesis 5:24).

When the Bible says that someone “walked with God,” it means that person had a very close fellowship with Him. There was a close connection. They were so close to God that they “hung out” with Him. It speaks of a relationship so intimate that they walked counter to the culture—marching out of step with the world because they were marching to a different drumbeat than did others around them.

Enoch was walking with God while the rest of his society were walking with idols. Most of the people around him were out of step with God. It didn’t bother Enoch to be out of step with everything and everyone else because he had such a rich fellowship with God—a relationship that was intimate, potent, passionate, and powerful. He wouldn’t have traded that for anything else.

The concept of walking speaks about the way you live your life.

The concept of walking speaks about the way you live your life. That you are step by step, continuously headed toward a destination. You are going somewhere, putting one foot in front of the other, as you progress toward your goal. Your walk with Him, then, refers to the totality of a life lived in fellowship with God.

We have the choice. We can walk in darkness, or we can walk in the light. Enoch walked in the light because he walked with God. And what happened to him? Scripture tells us that “he was not, because God took him.” I can imagine them walking along together and God looking over at Enoch and saying, “You know what, Enoch? We’re closer to My house than your house. Let’s just keep going to My home.” So with that, Enoch transitioned into eternity. God took him directly to the life that is to come. 

God wants you to be so close to Him that when it’s time for you to leave earth and enter heaven, you won’t mind the transition because you won’t want to lose the connection. 

If you are walking too closely with the secular society, loving and living with your eyes focused on this world rather than on the world to come, then you’re living life out of step. You’re living your life in confusion. You’re living life as guesswork.

Instead, you should walk by faith.

Instead, you should walk by faith.

Why is it called walking by faith? Because God is invisible. You can’t see Him. But be assured, He is very, very real. He is walking right beside you. He is hanging out with you. He wants to interact, to communicate with you as you journey along together. He wants you to speak to Him about your struggles, your stresses, and your failures. That kind of communication is the mark of a close relationship with Him—the kind Enoch had.  

Each of us needs to honestly evaluate our walk. Are you staying close to God? You’ll know you are if you are communicating with Him—getting His perspective on things, based on His Word. You’ll know you are if you are sharing with Him the most intimate aspects of your life—things you cannot speak about to any other human being. But you can speak honestly to Him about anything because you know He loves you like no one else does.

So, if you haven’t been walking with Him, it’s time to start. God is ready to walk with you. He wants to have an intimate personal fellowship with you. Walk with God because God wants to walk with you. And someday, you’ll walk together with Him right into your eternal home.

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