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Dented Souls

Several years ago, a man ran into my car with his vehicle, leaving a huge dent in the side of my car. Unfortunately, when I asked him for his insurance information, I discovered that he was uninsured. So, for a while, I had to drive around with a big dent in my car which had been caused by somebody else—someone who was unable to fix the problem.

Before too long, I paid to have the dent fixed myself. I could have chosen to continue to drive around with a dent in my car, caused by somebody else, being mad every day that they didn’t fix it. Every time I went out and saw that dent, I would’ve thought: That no-good driver messed up my car. Instead, I just got it fixed.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks are living with dents in their souls.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks are living with dents in their souls. Someone ran into their lives and put a dent there, and they spend a lot of time being mad that the person couldn’t fix the dent they made. But by the power of forgiveness, the dented soul can be repaired. The problem is that sometimes anger, vengefulness and bitterness become so comfortable to a person that they forget how to live without those things. Every time they remember that dent, it justifies the anger.

Forgiveness gives you the tools needed to fix that dent.

Forgiveness gives you the tools needed to fix that dent—to heal and move on, releasing the other person not only for their good, but for your own benefit. As Romans 12:18 instructs us: “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.”

Forgiveness fixes the dents in our souls.

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