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2023 Tony Evans Calendar

The last couple of years have been challenging to say the least. Our prayer is that God blesses you in this new year. The 2023 Tony Evans Calendar is a wonderful resource to remind yourself of God’s goodness in your life.

Each month, you’ll find an encouraging message pointing you toward God’s faithfulness and His provision over you. The 2023 calendar includes 13 images from January 2023 through January 2024.  

The calendar is our thanks for your generous support.

Get Your 2023 Calendar

Filled with inspirational quotes and beautiful art, the 2023 Tony Evans Calendar will help encourage you every day of the upcoming year.

Every year, the Tony Evans Calendar is one of our most popular resources, so request yours today while supplies last.

Share the Encouragement

It also makes a great gift for friends and family, so for your donation of $75 or more, we’ll send you five copies of the calendar so you can keep one and give the other four away to friends and family.