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Explore the Book of Ezra with Tony Evans

The book of Ezra is about spiritual restoration. It is focused on the restoration of the temple after God’s people returned from their captivity in Babylon. Their persistent disobedience and idolatry had resulted in the destruction of the temple and the enslavement to a foreign nation. But God had made them a kingdom promise—that if they would return to Him, He would bring them back to their own land. As always, God kept His promise.

As always, God kept His promise.

Ezra was one of the priests who were part of the second wave of returning exiles, and this book tells the story of work he undertook to reestablish the temple and its sacrificial system. His message was that it wasn’t enough just to restore the old ways, but that God’s people must dedicate themselves to obeying God’s Law.

Ezra called them to stop compromising and start recommitting themselves.

As they obeyed and got serious about their commitment to God, He would show His commitment to them, and they would experience the blessings of their covenant with Him. Ezra called them to stop compromising and start recommitting themselves to God. It’s a reminder that when we depart from God, we lose our experience of Him. But when we return to Him, He will restore us to intimate fellowship with Him. That same promise holds true for you and me.

Here’s a short video that highlights five key themes in the book of Ezra. May you be blessed by it.

Lessons from the book of Ezra

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