Hear How Hearts Can Heal

Dear Tony,

First of all, thank you for all that you do and for sharing the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My mother had stage four cancer and had suffered a stroke. I was caring for her in my home so I could see her comfortably through her transition. In the last few hours, she managed to speak the words, “Take my shoes off.” She kept repeating this (and was bold in her request), although I did not know why. I even went so far as to put shoes on her and then take them off, but she kept repeating, “Take my shoes off.” When I talked with the pastor that would come and visit her, he said they have heard this before from people who are passing, but he was unable to give me an explanation as to what it could possibly mean.

Then one day, she asked to see the “prayer lady.” We have a dear friend named Pina who owns a small restaurant. As a believer in Jesus, her restaurant is in many ways her pulpit. She even has a prayer wall for her customers. Mom always looked up to Pina, and the seeds that were planted in my mother sprouted after she had her stroke. Pina came to our home and prayed with my mother, and my mother accepted the Lord.

But still the shoes question remained. I wasn’t sure my mom had all of her faculties. But eleven years later, your message provided the answer. As my mom anticipated entering into the presence of Jesus, she knew that her shoes needed to come off because she would be standing on holy ground!

So, thank you! May the Lord continue to watch over and bless your family.


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