You’re Fighting a Spiritual Battle

If you use fleshly armor in a spiritual battle, you’re bound to lose the fight. The good news is that when you learn to use God’s armor in the way He intended, you get to fight in anticipation of victory.

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Go Get It!

God has given each of us over 5,000 promises in Scripture. But He’s not going to force anyone to live in the victory of His fulfilled promises. You have to go get them. Like Joshua who had been promised that He would be given any piece of land where his foot walked (Joshua 1:3), he had to go get it. …

Three Steps to Living as a Winner

Every Thanksgiving, my family and I take part in what is known as the Turkey Trot. This 5k run/walk brings thousands of people together with the goal of raising funds for the Dallas YMCA. In this race, finishing is winning because all proceeds go to a good cause. But not so for most races. Most races award a first-place finisher …