Your Voice Has Victory

Your Voice Has Victory

There are two extremes in evangelical circles when it comes to this matter of speaking to the mountains in our lives. On one hand, many evangelicals emphasize studying Scripture, learning what it says, memorizing it…but they don’t teach us how to actually speak it. As a result, we find believers who are biblically literate but who are powerless when it comes to dealing with the adverse circumstances (the mountains) in their lives.

On the other hand, many other evangelicals so emphasize speaking to their mountains (often referred to as speaking things into existence) that they teach things that are inconsistent with God’s Word, leaving them equally powerless.

So let me be clear. How can you be sure that the words you are speaking to your mountain are the words God wants you to say? How can you be confident that your faith is in God and not in your own words? Here is the key: Your words must be aligned with Scripture. It takes both.

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Saying whatever you want won’t move mountains. And merely knowing what Scripture says won’t move mountains. But you can overcome the big challenges in your life by speaking the truths of Scripture directly to your situation.