Win the Spiritual Battle in Your Mind

When the Bible talks about the Helmet of Salvation, it’s talking about controlling our thoughts. To win the spiritual battle that is happening in our minds, we must be thinking thoughts that have been renewed by God’s word. God wants us to dismantle every thought that goes against the rule of Christ in our lives. What God says about something must ultimately hold more weight in our minds than what the devil, our friends, our family, or anyone else says about it.

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A Book You Can Rely On

Skeptics aren’t the only ones who raise questions about the Bible. Even Christians might ask: How can believers claim that the Bible is true compared with any other book used as a foundation for religion? What makes Scripture stand out from other pieces of writing that claim they also came from God? So how do we authenticate the Bible? Consider …

Following a Perfect Example

One day a pastor walked with a soap manufacturer down the busy streets of New York. Noticing all the advertisements, stores, and clothing promoting a life of ungodliness, the soap manufacturer remarked to the pastor, “The gospel you preach hasn’t done much good, has it? Look. There’s a lot of filth in this world.” The pastor said nothing. The two …

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