Walk in the Peace of God

Believers are in a constant spiritual battle, so how can we know which direction on the battlefield to turn next? Dr. Evans explains God’s compass for our lives as he reveals the secret to walking in peace.

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Explore the Gospel of John

The fourth Gospel was written by John, who the Scriptures call “the beloved disciple.” His passionate love for the Savior shows up on every page of this book of the Bible. He had a close relationship with Jesus Christ, and he wanted his readers to become intimate with Jesus as well. To only focus on the coming joy of heaven …

Lessons From the Book of Luke

Tradition tells us that the third Gospel, Luke, was written by a physician. This seems likely when we pay attention to how carefully he tells the story of Jesus. He has done his research well, and he provides lots of interesting little details that the other Gospels don’t mention. His goal was to provide a well-documented account of the life …