Walk by the Light of His Love

Nevertheless I am continually with You; You have taken hold of my right hand. – Psalm 73:23

Harriet Tubman was a small wisp of a woman, yet God used her to do a mighty work. Maybe as you read these words, you’re wondering how God could possibly use you. You feel defeated and want to give up. Don’t. Instead, keep reading.

While the Civil War threatened to tear our country apart, some key players behind the scenes worked to preserve life and defend liberty, hope, and the belief that there is another life worth living. Harriet was one of these people. Without a thought about her own safety, she led hundreds of slaves to safe houses along the Underground Railroad and became a legend as she crossed back and forth over lines of battle.

She made the journey countless times, and many wondered how she could continue traveling such long distances along roadways that were carved out of thick and unruly landscapes. But she did. Even though the threat of death shadowed her, she refused to stop. How did she do it?

The answer is simple. She had a fixed focus on her goal, and nothing was going to turn her. Her faith in God’s unconditional love gave her the strength she needed to continue her treks to freedom.

Perhaps you long to travel your own road to freedom. You can continue on but only when your faith is in Someone much greater than yourself.

The psalmist writes, “Even the darkness is not dark to You, and the night is as bright as the day” (Psalm 139:12). Each night, Harriet Tubman walked straight through the darkness and on to freedom. In fact, nighttime was the safest time for her to travel, and she did not walk in fear. Perhaps she was confident because she carried a light of hope with her—the light given to her by an eternal God.

You too can worship the Lord because He does great things, and His loving hands light up your life.