Delay of Service

As I’m sure you are aware, Texas has been facing an extraordinary set of challenges over the last few days, and we at The Urban Alternative have not been spared from them. Many of us have been without electricity, water and internet access at home. While our offices have been operating with minimal staff since the COVID-19 outbreak last spring, our homes have become our offices. Without electricity and internet at home, many of our staff are unable to perform their regular duties.

This has been a challenging season for all of us.

Compounding that, the once-in-a-generation-level weather event in Texas caused a rupture of one of our water pipes in our office resulting in massive water damages in these freezing temperatures and leaving the minimal staff who were working from our offices also unable to perform their regular duties.

In light of these circumstances, there will be some delay to our normal operations. Order fulfillments will take 7-9 days beyond our normal time frames than those listed on the website. Donation receipts may be delayed up to 14 days.

Needless to say, we ask for your prayers as we navigate this difficult season for The Urban Alternative and the great state of Texas.