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The Kingdom Agenda | Tony Evans

Kingdom Agenda

When you look around you, it seems like everyone has an agenda. People have plans, programs, things they want to accomplish, and specific ways they want to accomplish them. They make lists, set goals and try to reach them. Maybe you’ve got your own agenda as well.

God is no stranger to agendas. In fact, He has an agenda, too; something He wants to accomplish in His way. Scripture calls this agenda God’s kingdom. The kingdom of God is the alternative to the kingdom of this world. An “alternative” simply means that it is another way; there is another idea on the table. As God’s people, we are not limited by the choices this world offers us. God has an alternative plan for us—called His kingdom agenda.

The unifying central theme throughout the Bible is the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom. The conjoining thread from Genesis to Revelation – from beginning to end – is focused on one thing: God’s glory through advancing God’s Kingdom.

When you do not focus on that theme, the Bible presents itself as disconnected stories which may be great for inspiration but seem to be unrelated in purpose and direction. The Bible exists to share God’s movement in history toward the establishment and expansion of His Kingdom. It highlights the connectivity throughout which is the Kingdom. Understanding this principle increases the relevancy of this several thousand year-old manuscript to your everyday life, because the Kingdom is not only then, it is now.

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