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Hope | Tony Evans


One of the hardest things Christians face is uncertainty. Too often we slip into the belief that because we are saved, our struggles are over, and when life shows us that isn’t the case it’s easy to lose hope. When you’re facing calamity, know this: God’s salvation doesn’t mean the end of tribulations, it means we can walk in hope because we know how the story ends.

Just like a blacksmith places metal in the fire to mold it to its ultimate purpose, God uses the fires in your life to form you into the person He created you to be.

While you may feel broken in the process, when you get to where God is taking you, you’ll know that it was worth it.

I know someone is reading this and thinking, “But you don’t know the mess I’m in.” To that I say – then you need to fully know the one, true God … because He has a plan, despite the level of the mess, to give you both a future and a hope. While only He knows when you will arrive at that future, you can claim your God-given right to hope now. Take some time to explore all of our booksvideos, and several other resources all dedicated to hope. Remember, you’re never in this alone.

You Have a Future and a Hope