The Reach of Love

I who speak to you am He. – John 4:26

Jesus knew exactly what He was doing when He decided to pass through Samaria. He had been in Judea and was returning to Galilee, and the disciples couldn’t believe He wanted to take that route. It was the shorter way home, but most Jews considered the Samaritans to be unclean. Therefore, they generally avoided the area. But not by Jesus. He had an appointment with a woman at a well, but He didn’t let His disciples in on His plan.

As He stopped to rest beside the well, they urged Him to keep moving. Finally, He sent them into the city to buy food. When a woman showed up to draw water, Jesus asked her for a drink. By simply talking to her—a woman whose life was far from pure—He violated Jewish rules. Only women who lived sinful lifestyles came to the well at midday. Yet this was exactly when and where she met the Savior and where He told her of God’s unconditional love for her.

Jesus is still willing to go anywhere to meet us. And when we come to know and experience His personal love for us, we will finally understand how to worship Him.

This woman became a believer, and her peace and faith were so powerful that those who heard her speak couldn’t wait to meet her Savior.

Remember, like the woman at the well, you are never outside the reach of God’s love. Keep your eyes open for Him. He is closer than you think.