The Purpose of YOU

What if you walked into the kitchen to get a drink out of the refrigerator and it had been cooked? Or what if you picked up your tablet to watch some YouTube videos and it took you to a gardening channel instead? Of what if you stuck your cup of noodles into the microwave and they immediately froze?

In all of those “what-ifs” there’s no doubt you would have been frustrated. Upset. And most likely you would have wondered what went wrong? Is the refrigerator broken? Is the microwave bipolar? Did YouTube get bought out?

If it only happened once, you might shrug it off and go back to use that thing again. But if it happened repeatedly, you would probably get rid of the fridge, the microwave and delete the YouTube app on your tablet. You’d do that because none of these things would be carrying out their purpose. The microwave would be carrying out the purpose of a freezer. The fridge would be fulfilling the purpose of the oven. And YouTube? Well, it wouldn’t be YouTube anymore.

Guess what? You’ve also got a purpose. And it’s unique to you just like your fingerprints are unique to you. When you try to become someone else then you are acting like that fridge or microwave. The world doesn’t need another one of them – one is enough. What it needs is you living out your purpose.

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