The Power of the Church to Empower

The church has lost much of its influence in society because it has turned its social-service calling over to the state. The church’s job is not only to help the responsible poor (1 Thessalonians 3:10) but also to empower the poor, equipping them to create wealth.

How do you empower poor people? Not just by giving them money because if their thinking toward money is wrong, they will be back tomorrow and the day after that for more money. The church needs to offer biblically responsible and temporary charity to its members while also holding men accountable for providing for their families.

People need more than money to be empowered. They need a kingdom mindset toward money. Thus part of the church’s agenda when it comes to economics is to disciple believers with biblical knowledge in areas such as saving, budgeting, and investing, as well as to create opportunities for self-fulfillment and employment. This means that the gifts and skills of the church membership must be enlisted to serve the kingdom in the area of economic development.

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