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Tony Evans Weekly Devotional

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- The Overriding Law of Grace -

Did you know that grace gives you the ability to either override or to work through adverse circumstances in your life? We all face things that seem difficult to overcome: problems, pain, frustrations, people. Sometimes, it looks like we are being overridden by that which appears to be out of our control. What grace does is it comes alongside of us either to override something or to take us through something that seems to be overwhelming. You take the law of gravity which holds us down, and you take the law of aerodynamics which lifts us up. It doesn’t cancel the law of gravity, but it does override it so that we can fly in an airplane even though the law of gravity is still working.

We have three enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil, and they are all trying to push us down and bring us to defeat. Enter grace. The Holy Spirit uses grace to add a new law to the way we function as followers of Jesus Christ. Lifting us above while not necessarily canceling the law of sin and death that wants to hold us down.

grace is an overcoming empowerment

When you think about grace, think about its wings—its ability to lift us up and take us beyond what our experience is saying we have to live under and be controlled by. I wish I could say that to follow Christ means all your problems will disappear, but the reality is that some of your problems don’t even show up until you actually become a follower of Christ. Jesus said, “In this world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” Grace is an overcoming empowerment that provides strength that comes in one of three ways. It is strength to be delivered from, strength to be moved through or it is strength to be changed in the midst of. Any of those three have the same result. Strength you didn’t have initially until Someone from heaven joined you on earth to help you lift the weight that appeared too heavy.

Grace gives you the power to overcome.

Be encouraged,

Tony Evans

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