The Foundation of Family

Scripture shares the story about the need for a strong and solid foundation in life. This story is located in the kingdom book of Matthew. It is part of Jesus’ greatest teaching on the kingdom, His sermon on the Mount. In this sermon we read about two very different men who were each building a house yet on two very different foundations.

One man built his house on the shaky and uncertain foundation of sand. The other man built his house on the solid foundation of rock. The test of these foundations showed up quickly when the storms hit. The foundation that had been built upon the sand swiftly crumbled while the house that stood on the solid foundation remained intact.

A house, in this biblical parable, can refer to many things. It can refer to a person’s life, church or even our society. But it can also, quite literally, refer to a family and their home. If and when we seek to build our families on anything other than the stable foundational principles of the Word of God, it will not last when life’s trials and challenges come upon us.

In our society today, many of our families have a foundation problem. Because of this, the majority of them are spending their time dealing with the effects of a faulty foundation. They are trying to plaster and patch up an argument here, or a fight there, or rebellious children, or any number of things. They spend all of their time and money focusing on the fissures rather than solidifying the foundation. It is clear today that because of this there is family chaos in our world. In order to strengthen the family, we need to solidify the foundation.