The Crisis We Face

America is in serious trouble. From sea to shining sea we are witnessing the devolution of a nation. Regardless on which side of the political isle you sit, it is clear that things are unraveling at warp speed. The United States is quickly becoming the divided states as disunity and conflicts abound. From family breakdown, to the immigration crisis to the abiding racial divide to congress’ inability to function, it is clear we are a nation unraveling. Add to this the continuing moral decay that is engulfing us whether it is the redefinition of marriage and the family, abortions on demand, a media that continues to dumb down decency, or an educational system that increasingly seeks to impart information without ethics in the name of a warped definition of freedom, we are as a nation sliding south fast.

If that weren’t enough, we have to deal with the constant threat of terrorism and an overblown debt that not only threatens our economic future, but the future of our children and grandchildren as well.

The American dream is quickly becoming the American nightmare as more and more citizens become disillusioned with the direction things seem to be going.

As people gather unofficially around the water cooler at work, or officially around government sanctioned summits, seeking to find solutions to the myriad of issues that plague us, real long term answers continue to elude us.

In the midst of all of this God’s church seems to be of little help in giving real answers to real problems in spite of the proliferation of Christian literature, programing, and facilities. In fact the Christian faith and its symbols are more marginalized than ever.

There are only two options before us as we witness what is happening to our beloved nation. Either we are on the verge of the completion of the eschatology calendar that will usher in the return of Christ to judge the earth and set up His earthly Kingdom, or we are enduring the passive wrath of God whereby He allows a person or a society to experience the consequences of their rejection of Him. The more the true God of the bible is marginalized the more chaotic things become.

However, such judgment opens the door for revival when God’s church, which is often an unintentional co-conspirator in the culture’s demise through its compromise with the culture, returns to Him in humility and repentance. The return of Christ is outside of our hands, but revival and its social and cultural benefits are very much in our hands.

American needs to turn to God in hopes that He will reserve our course, and restore our union to His definition of what a nation is to be when it operates under his rule. Such a restoration must be led by His church; for God will not skip the church house in order to change the White House (Ephesians 3:10).

God and His rule is America’s only hope; and the church operating under His authority is the means for the realization of that hope, since it alone has been given the Keys of the kingdom (Matthew 16:18-19). It is my prayer that God will encourage, inspire and challenge believers in Christ to become kingdom disciples through whom our God can work to bring revival to His church and through it, to our land.