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Biblical illiteracy continues to claim more and more spiritual lives, along with more and more leaders of churches and ministries. When there are large gaps in the areas of personal discipleship and biblical worldviews, it hinders the positive potential for consistent kingdom influence and impact.

The existence of discipleship gaps is evident in the myriad of Christians struggling with addictions, spiritual apathy, debt, greed and more. Equally troubling is the inability and/or refusal of Christian laity or leadership to consistently integrate their faith into all aspects of their lives.

The failure to understand and apply a kingdom worldview to all of life has resulted in an illegitimate division of the sacred and the secular resulting in Christians being disconnected from God’s manifest presence in their personal lives, families, churches and the broader society at large. This lack of connection only contributes to, rather than restores, the decay of the culture.

Thus, the urgent need for a practical, accessible discipleship platform has motivated us to seek to close these gaps and usher in large-scale societal impact for good. It will also instruct learners on how to live all of life under the comprehensive rule of God as well as to equip them to help others to do the same. The Tony Evans Training Center facilitates educational programming that embodies a solution to biblical illiteracy.

The cost to translate the existing 50 courses into these languages, including marketing the free courses globally is:

Spanish – $1,200,000
KiSwahili – $450,000
Mandarin – $1,600,000

Hindi – $750,000
French – $1,000,000

Spanish – $1,200,000
KiSwahili – $450,000
Mandarin – $1,600,000
Hindi – $750,000
French – $1,000,000

In addition to translating courses into the five languages which will enable us to offer the biblical training found in the Tony Evans Training Center to approximately 80% of the global population at no cost, we are seeking to inform and educate people on the importance of the Bible and its preservation throughout time in our documentary series: Unbound – The Bible’s Journey Through History.


The online training center was launched in 2017 to provide practical, in-depth biblical teaching to those who either could not afford seminary or Bible college or did not have the time to enroll. This convenient app and web-based training platform enables everyone, regardless of location or income, to have access to the knowledge they need to grow in God’s Word.

The Tony Evans Training Center follows the kingdom agenda philosophy that targets the four covenantal spheres of individual, family, church and society, as well as the foundational matter of theology. Therefore, this unique discipleship model transcends the typical reach of formalized education in that it broadens the focus to a more holistic, results-based discipleship approach. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for Christian laity and leadership to have quality, kingdom-based training to better equip them to disciple those within their spheres of influence.

This distinctive scope has attracted over 2,500 students who are currently enrolled in the center, accessing the nearly fifty courses available. In our desire to expand the impact and reach of the center and Bible knowledge, we are proposing translating the courses into Spanish, KiSwahili, Mandarin, French and Hindi.

The Bible's Journey Through History
Part One: Third - Sixteenth Centuries
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The Story

Many people think the Bible simply came to be, passed down through the ages by committed scribes. However, the true story of Bible transmission involves intrigue, courage, power, suppression, battles, greed, mercenaries, merchants, entrepreneurs, smugglers and much more. This is the story we aim to tell in Unbound. The transmission of the Bible is a story sitting in the midst of tales comprised of kings, queens, kingdoms, rulers and conquests.

Unbound is the miraculous telling of God’s divine hand working through imperfect people to bring us His perfect Word. 


In ancient times, scribes were responsible for copying and transmitting biblical texts. They worked painstakingly to reproduce the texts by hand, starting over if even one error occurred. Yet the printing revolution of the 15th century sparked a flame that would spread the fire of God’s Word like never before.

Many people know the names such as St. Jerome, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Luther and Zwingli. But the process of transmitting the Bible into multiple languages included so many more people than these men. Our documentary series covers these main characters but also uncovers those lesser known stories, which have often gone untold–the heroes who have often been unnamed. We explore these men and women of the faith whose contributions to the transmission of Scripture not only impacted their known world, but sent a shockwave of truth still reaching us today. We also look at the cultural context of the day–how the Renaissance impacted the Reformation, the printing revolution, Peasants’ War, oppression and the many ways God used society and people to bring about the broad distribution of His Word.


Exploration of History

Taking us along this journey of exploration are notable experts in their fields. We have identified and interviewed numerous scholars, guides, curators and more to bring the most in-depth look at the transmission of Scripture ever produced in one documentary series.

Experts include resident professors, museum curators, authors, biblical textual critics and a variety of local historians and guides. Tony Evans engages these experts in their local cultural context, taking the viewer on a tour of the sites and artifacts in an up-close and personal way.


Travel & Cultural Experiences

What makes Unbound unique from other documentaries is an engagement with local culture and cuisine. Just as any tourist would enjoy themselves while exploring and learning at various museums, Tony Evans invites companions on his journey to take part in the variety of experiences each culture has to offer. This gives the viewers a look into local food, activities and beauty, making Unbound the first hybrid history and travel documentary.


Goals and Series

To tell the entire story of the transmission of the Bible, we will be exploring various manuscripts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Codex Sinaiticus (א), Codex Alexandrinus, Tyndale Bible, Gutenberg Press, 𝔓52, 𝔓66, 𝔓72 and a variety of other parchments, manuscripts and documents.

Unbound will be filmed by award-winning camera operators in cinematography over the course of two years. Locations include Geneva, Athens, Wittenberg, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Cambridge, Rome, Milan, Dublin, Israel, London, Amsterdam and more.

Releasing February 2026, in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the first printing of William Tyndale’s English New Testament.

Season One

8 Episodes

40–50 Minutes

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8 Episodes

40–50 Minutes

Cost to Produce: $1,600,000

Thank you for supporting the making of Unbound!

Your generous contributions are instrumental in bringing the stories of courageous individuals to the forefront and shedding light on the transmission of Scripture.