Supplying All of Your Needs

My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19

God takes care of every need we have. As the nation of Israel traveled in the wilderness, He provided for them so that their shoes did not wear out and they did not go hungry. When their food supply ran low, He gave them manna, which was a bread-like substance that was rich in nutrients and a great source of energy. It was just what they needed. However, eating manna each day soon became a little boring. In fact, it became very boring, and the people began to complain to Moses. But God is not obligated to meet our desires—only our needs.

The apostle Paul’s life was totally dedicated to Christ. Yet he sometimes faced serious trials and surely thought his life was over. However, God protected and cared for him. From a cold, dark, lonely prison cell, he wrote to the New Testament churches, promising the congregations that God would provide for their needs. The only condition to this promise was that they would give themselves completely to the Lord. This meant that they could not hold anything back—not their finances and certainly not their personal devotion. Many times, we expect God to answer our prayers and meet our needs, but we want to give very little in return to Him and to the church.

Are you willing to offer yourself totally to Christ for His kingdom, service, and glory, or are you continuing to hold back by refusing to give what is rightfully His? Open up your heart and your life to Him, and you will have all you need to a point of eternal overflowing.

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