Putting Christ’s Power to Work

Some Christian couples sit in the pew on Sunday morning singing that their God is “so high you can’t get over Him, so low you can’t get under Him, so wide you can’t get around Him”…but they don’t believe He can put their marriage back together. Given our weak humanity, it isn’t hard to understand why marriages struggle to survive the pressures of the twenty-first century. But here’s the good news: We don’t have to rely on our own finite power to hold things together. With Christ as our Enabler, we can do all things because He has promised to give us the strength.

If I had the athletic ability of home-run king Hank Aaron, I could hit a lot of home runs. If I had the musical ability of Mozart, I could create beautiful music. If I had the mind of Albert Einstein, I could solve difficult equations. I don’t have those abilities in the physical realm, but spiritually I have all the ability I need to accomplish whatever God asks me to do. And since God’s command is that a husband and wife commit themselves to each other for life, every Christian couple has the ability to accomplish God’s will for their marriage. God made marriage, and He can make it work. Claim that power for your marriage, beginning today.

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