Out of a Whirlwind

When Elijah heard [a gentle wind], he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entrance of the cave. – 1 Kings 19:13

Huddled in a cave and miles away from his home, Elijah tried to warm himself and remember how he got to this place. Queen Jezebel and her violent threats against him came rushing back to his mind, crowding out the memory of the miracle God had done on Mount Carmel and the spiritual victory that had been gained there. Now he hid in fear.

Many of us have had a similar experience. God breaks into our lives through answered prayer, and we are left speechless. Then a little sign of trouble appears on the horizon, and we are emotionally shaken. Instead of sleeping soundly at night, we wake up, toss and turn, and wonder if God will help us.

As Elijah waited in the cave, God began to demonstrate His mighty ability to His prophet. First, He sent a strong wind that tore at the mountain, then an earthquake, and finally a mighty fire. God’s presence, however, was not in any of these. Then the prophet heard a gentle wind blowing around him, and he knew that he was standing in the presence of God.

Perhaps as He did with Elijah, God will gain your full attention by allowing the storm to blow a little longer. If this is the case, let the wind, earthquake, and fire come, knowing that you have a loving heavenly Father whose only desire is to draw you nearer to Himself.

Take time to worship Him and tell Him that you are listening for His voice.