On That Day

“God will help you if you’ll help yourself by giving your best.
—Ben Carson, Think Big

An archer raises the taut bow she holds in her left hand and positions an arrow with her right. As she draws back her right arm, her eye is fixed on the target ahead. With machinelike precision, her entire body is aligned toward the target. When the bowstring has reached optimal tension, her fingers release, and the arrow flies toward its mark. The smallest flinch or misalignment will send the arrow hurtling away from its goal. When she’s accurate, however, the arrow sinks into the center of the red-and-white bull’s-eye with a satisfying thunk!

Chrystal’s auntie, whom she describes as a woman of excellence, has the vision of an archer. When asked what motivates her, this woman of God replies, “Because of that day.” “That day” is Auntie’s reference to the day she expects to stand before Jesus, and He tests the quality of her work.
The truth is that we all will face “that day,” and if the service we’ve offered Him is excellent, we’ll hear those blessed words, “Well done, good and faithful servant. . . . Enter into the joy of your master” (Matthew 25:23, esv). When a kingdom woman’s eyes are set on that target, every part of her body aligns toward a single goal. Her eyes are tipped toward the bull’s-eye that Auntie calls “that day.”