On Holy Ground

I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple. – Isaiah 6:1

Isaiah probably felt as though he had been hit by a hurricane. King Uzziah had died. With his death came the end of a great era for Judah, which had become a mighty kingdom under his rule. Now that the king was dead, the people were in an emotional upheaval. Their security was compromised because it had been placed in a man rather than in God.

What is your King Uzziah? Many people place their trust in savings accounts, jobs, and relationships. Shortsightedly, they mistakenly believe that if they have money and good health today, they will be fine tomorrow. We don’t need to live our lives in fear, but we do need to develop a strong, unshakeable faith in the One who will never fail us—the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, when life takes a downward turn, we will rest secure in His loving care.

How do you handle a crisis—when you receive the news that your income will be cut in half or that the relationship you believed would last falls apart? What do you do when your Uzziah dies and your dreams dissolve? If your devotion is focused on the things of this world and trouble comes, you will be shaken. However, if your devotion is focused on God, you will remain steadfast and sure.

Our greatest vision and understanding of God often come in times of crisis. Isaiah stepped out of a national whirlwind into the security of the temple, where God’s presence appeared before him in full glory. Suddenly, the hurricane that had been ripping at his heart vanished, and he fell on his face and worshipped the Lord.

Are the winds of adversity blowing hard against your life? If so, turn your worry into worship because you are standing on holy ground. F. B. Meyer writes, “A storm is only the outskirts of His robe—the symptom of His advent and the environment of His presence.”