Kingdom Parents Start Where They Are

A sunrise is God’s way of saying, “Let’s start again.” —Attributed to Pastor Todd Stocker

Harland “Colonel” Sanders probably wouldn’t have opened his now-famous chain of chicken restaurants if a new highway hadn’t rolled right over his first business site. The demolition left the sixty-five-year-old with only two assets: a Social Security check and a recipe that called for eleven herbs and spices. Even though he started late in life and under adverse circumstances, the Colonel’s success sizzled. Within ten years Sanders owned six hundred KFC stores in North America, and the company’s profits were “finger lickin’ good.”

Similarly, great things can come to your family even if you had a rocky or late start. This principle applied in my life in regard to my son Anthony’s high school years. Because our younger son, Jonathan, struggled in school, I spent a disproportionate amount of time with him compared to Anthony. Jonathan also played football, which added to the time we spent together. As a result, Anthony felt he wasn’t receiving the blessing that was due him as my son. Because I couldn’t change the past, I made every effort to engage with Anthony as he attended college and pursued his singing career. Parents, even in areas where you know you have failed, start where you are. Never look at parenting as something that is finished. It is an ongoing process, no matter what stage your family is in. In parenting, the old adage applies: it is better late than never.

1. Which of your children can use some extra attention today?

2. Read Philippians 3:13–14. How do these verses apply to you as a parent?

3. Do you need to reinvest as a parent? What parenting obstacles or setbacks can you overcome today?

God, never allow me to be afraid to start over as a parent. Help me overcome obstacles and begin where I am. Amen.

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