Jesus Has Your Back

When my son Jonathan played football, he was a fullback. The job of a fullback is to run interference for a halfback. The halfback gets the ball while the fullback goes out in front of him because there is an enemy trying to get in there and tackle the halfback. The fullback’s mission is to get rid of the enemy so that the halfback can get through the line.

Jesus’ full-time job as Lord and Savior is to run interference for you as His kingdom follower. But your enemy is seeking to defeat you. He is seeking to overwhelm you. But what you need to keep in mind is that you have a blocker out in front: Jesus.

However, Jesus has stated clearly that He’s not going to block for you if you won’t even acknowledge or confess Him. Why should He run interference for someone who is just going to deny that He is even there?

We are relational beings, and we appreciate being acknowledged in our relationships. Jesus is no different. Why should He transform your life and your world only to be forgotten? He states clearly – confess Me before others, and He’s got your back. Marginalize, sideline or dismiss Me … and you’ve got your own back. The question on the floor for you today is: Who do you want to have your back? You, or Jesus?

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