Jesus Christ is Your Covering

Many people are in the vicinity of safety, but true eternal safety is only found in Jesus Christ. Trust Him as your personal Deliverer today.

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Join the Fight

In the blockbuster film Inception, the main characters discovered a way to enter into another realm—the realm of dreams. While the dreams appeared to be as vivid and as authentic as the real world where they were currently sleeping, the dream realm was not their reality. Since the dream appeared to be real to all of their five senses, each character had …

Stop the Comparisons

On several of my shirts, I have my initials sewn onto the cuff—A.T.E. There will never be a question about whose shirts those are because my initials demonstrate that they are my shirts. I do this on the shirts that I have personally customized for me.  Now I have a number of other shirts that were bought off the rack. …