Jesus Christ is Your Covering

Many people are in the vicinity of safety, but true eternal safety is only found in Jesus Christ. Trust Him as your personal Deliverer today.

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No More Excuses

It’s time to quit making excuses. Perhaps you didn’t have a good beginning upon which to build. Maybe your parents fought or divorced early on. Maybe you didn’t come from a nice neighborhood or a school system whose funding indicated that they took your future seriously. Maybe you had to raise yourself because your mom worked three jobs. Or maybe …

Names Matter. There is Power in the Name of Jesus

In the Bible, names matter. They have a meaning. Names are never mere nomenclature. People weren’t given names because they sounded nice, or because their parents were naming them after a celebrity, or because their mom suggested it—strongly. Names carried weight and character and were often tied to a person’s destiny. That’s why, throughout Scripture, when God was about to …