How to Share the Gospel

Most believers know that we need to share the gospel, but is there a practical way to actually start doing it? Yes! Tony Evans talks through a few simple steps to help you learn how to share the gospel effectively.

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Justice and Freedom

Contrary to how some people feel, the aim of Biblical justice is freedom. Freedom can be defined as a release from illegitimate bondage in order to make the choice to exercise responsibility in actualizing and maximizing all that you were created to be.  Biblical justice encourages freedom through affirming accountability, equality and responsibility by linking the spiritual to the social …

What Is Justice?

Life is all about relationships. Most of the time, friction arises in relationships because of misunderstandings. One person sees a situation one way, but the other person sees it another way. Each person can’t figure out why the other person can’t see the situation like they see it, and sometimes these situations become huge arguments. The problem lies in the …