How to Share the Gospel

Most believers know that we need to share the gospel, but is there a practical way to actually start doing it? Yes! Tony Evans talks through a few simple steps to help you learn how to share the gospel effectively.

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Remember God’s Goodness

In Lamentations 3, Jeremiah was nothing short of depressed. But instead of wallowing in it, he remembered God. When he began to turn his thoughts toward the goodness of God – in spite of the fact that he couldn’t see God’s goodness at the moment – he started to feel differently about the mess he was in. In fact in …

Speak Life

Did you know that Jesus Christ has already secured your victory to overcome anything that Satan throws at you? He has. When you view your life through that lens, it takes the pressure off and frees you to walk confidently in the strength of the One who has already won. It even changes the way you talk. Instead of speaking …