How to Know Jesus

The most unique person in human history – God in the flesh – deserves the highest place on our priorities. He should be our everything. As the earth revolves around the sun, so should Christ be the center of our existence. As my favorite song by my favorite group the Temptations tells it plainly, we should also sing to Jesus, “You’re my everything.”

Knowing Him intimately and personally will radically change your life. Knowing about Him won’t do much good. For example, I know about the President. I can tell you his name. I can even tell you his address. I can tell you some information that I’ve learned about him from radio and television reports. But that hardly qualifies me to say that I know him.

In order to truly know Jesus Christ, you must experience Him personally. You must abide with Him – hang out in His presence, get to feel His heartbeat – discover what brings Him pleasure – what He wants to do with, in and through you.

When you give all of you to all of Him, He is there returning all of Him to all of you. The power that created the universe is the same power that can strengthen you to grow, change, and to experience unspeakable satisfaction.

Jesus has a plan for you.

He has a purpose.

He has a path.

If you want to know your purpose, then get to know the One who knows it best.

The closer you get to Jesus, the closer you are to experiencing and fulfilling your destiny.