How to Call 911 in a Spiritual Emergency

How to Call 911 in a Spiritual Emergency

When Christ was tempted in the wilderness, the angels did not come and minister to Jesus until after Satan left. I’ve always wondered, “Why would the angels come after the conflict was over?” The answer, I believe, is sometimes God leaves us alone with only His Word. Sometimes there seems to be little support, little encouragement, no friends—only God’s Word. The question during these times is, “Is God’s Word sufficient?” The answer: “Oh, yes, it is!”

Suppose someone knocked on your door late at night. Upon opening your door, you discover a 7-foot, 10-inch giant of a man standing before you. He forces himself into your home and begins to take over the running of your house. Your whole family is terrified as he now occupies every room and controls your existence.

Suddenly, you remember 911. If you can only get the phone out of your pocket and dial 911, you can get help. You do so, and a police car is sent to your home. They get out with firepower around their waists to challenge your unwelcome guest. But the strong man fights back. That’s when the two policemen call for backup. Within minutes, 20 cars show up, more than enough help to rid you or your unwanted guest. You experience victory because of 911!

All Christians possess a 911 number they can call when Satan intrudes upon their lives, seeking to bring them to defeat. Our 911 number is, “It is written.” When we call that number, our dispatcher, the Holy Spirit, delivers our emergency plea for help to the throne room of God. He responds by sending whatever help is needed to remove the strong man from our lives and give us victory.

So, when you are under spiritual attack, don’t forget to call 911. Satan can handle you, but he can’t handle the Word of God. Remember, “It is written.”