Healing Broken Relationships

The emotional pain of a broken relationship is as hard to bear as physical pain, sometimes even worse. And, as with physical pain, healing must be sought. Jesus Christ can identify with our pain because He understands rejection first hand (John 1:11). Part of the warfare for healing a broken relationship is believing God can heal your emotions. When God is able to heal your emotions than triggers and thoughts of the broken relationship or how it broke doesn’t send you into a tailspin.

Some relationships can be healed and the two people can be reunited. Other relationships may not be rejoined, and in those cases you will need to seek healing from the broken relationship itself. Whatever the case you find yourself in, carrying around emotional pain is similar to living with an untreated wound. It can lead to further infections as the bacteria of bitterness and regret is left to spread. On top of that, if you had an open wound filled with puss on your arm (yet under your shirt) and someone brushed up against you unaware of your wound, your reaction would probably be to jerk your arm, or to became angry and possibly say something unkind, or even to walk away in pain. This reaction wouldn’t make sense to the friend or stranger who simply brushed up against you. It would seem like an over-reaction to them. Any over-reaction is tied to an old reaction that has not yet healed.
That is why it is critical to either heal your broken relationship with someone, or heal from a broken relationship. Otherwise, you run the risk of harming future relationships due to the wounds from the past.