He Came to be First

God says that if you will seek His kingdom first and His righteous standards first then He will willingly grant you all of the things that often make themselves the focus of your worry.

You ought to put God’s kingdom first if for no other reason than to reduce your personal anxiety and worry. Over 40 million U.S. adults suffer from a diagnosed form of anxiety. Countless millions more no doubt suffer from worry or anxiety on less severe levels. Worry is a common issue plaguing people today. Perhaps it is even plaguing you? Whether it’s worrying about jobs, safety, health, relationships, flying, income, terrorism, the future or anything else – worry eats away at many people’s ability to enjoy the gift of life that God has given them.

God tells us in this foundational principle for kingdom living – that of seeking Him and His kingdom first – that we actually don’t have to worry at all. God Himself is the very antidote to worry. In this same sermon by Jesus that we have been looking at in Matthew, we also read:

For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life ….” (6 v. 25)

And who of you by being worried ….” (6 v. 27)

And why are you worried ….” (6 v.28)

Do not worry then ….” (6 v. 31)

So do not worry ….” (6 v. 34)

That’s enough reason right there to put God first!

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