Gratitude Brings Victory

Jesus then took the loaves, and having given thanks, He distributed to those who were seated; likewise also of the fish as much as they wanted. – John 6:11

Satan can’t bear to hear us thank God for something He has given or allowed. Words of praise and thanksgiving lifted through song or prayer deeply disturb him. Yet we’re commanded to praise the Lord even in times of spiritual darkness—even when it seems as though the enemy has blown out all the candles of hope.

Everyone agrees that this can be difficult at times. Instead of praising and singing words of adoration to our Father, we find ourselves crying out to Him and asking why a trial is happening to us.

Jesus understands your dilemma. He knows your heart and how it hurts. He also knows that the enemy seeks only to discourage you so you will give up, quit, and throw in the towel. This is my word to you: Do not do it. Ask your heavenly Father to help you praise Him, especially when you feel as though you can’t utter a single word of thanksgiving.

In the book of John, Jesus looked up and saw the multitude of people that had gathered to hear Him speak. He knew that each one had deep needs. First, they were in need of a Savior. Second, they were in dire need of hope. These are still mankind’s deepest needs today, and only the Savior has the ability to provide for each one.

Before the food was distributed, Jesus noticed that Philip was calculating how much it would cost to feed such a large group of people. God doesn’t use human calculations to work out the details of life. Even though life may seem out of sorts, try praising Him, and He will supply every need you have.

What are you most grateful to have? It could be the very area that the enemy wants to attack, but through thanksgiving and praise, you can withstand and silence his assault.