God's In Control

God’s in Control

I don’t know if you are an expert in the area of geometry, trigonometry, algebra or even fractions. But in terms of the mathematical formulas that these things represent, you can bet your bottom dollar about one thing: They all rest on one simple principle which is that one and one equals two. If you don’t get the fundamentals of mathematics right as the foundation for all else, you will never be able to make sense of the more complicated things such as geometric calculations. All of the complexities of math fit firmly on the foundation of its base.

Life may feel like trigonometry sometimes. It may feel like a difficult geometric equation. Things can get so complicated that they simply don’t add up.

But if you start with the foundation that God is sovereign and in His sovereignty, He providentially arranges all things to accomplish His goal – then you have the foundation upon which to properly solve the complexities life sends your way.

What you, I and others may look at as random events, chance encounters, or arbitrary connections are actually orchestrated events in both the purpose and plan of God. God is sitting behind the steering wheel of history. Sometimes He has us on the main highway. Other times it’s down a back alley. Sometimes it looks like we are going the wrong way on a one-way street. But whatever the case, God’s intentions are immaculate and His plans are providential.

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