God Rescues

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them. – Psalm 34:7

There was a farmer whose melons were constantly being stolen. He came up with a plan that he thought would outwit the thieves. He decided to put up a sign in his garden announcing that one of the melons had been poisoned.

The farmer followed through on his plan and placed a hand-painted sign in the perfect location. The next day he was overjoyed to find that his plan had worked. All of his melons were still there, and he had tricked his melon thieves!

Two days later, he walked out to his garden and looked at the sign he had placed in the garden. In utter terror, he saw that someone had scratched through some of the wording. The sign now read, “Two of these melons have been poisoned.” The farmer lost his entire crop because he didn’t know which melons were poisoned.

That’s a lot like dealing with Satan. No matter what you come up with, he tries to come up with something to confuse and harm you. No matter what strategy you use, he offers another path for you to follow. However, God’s Word and the presence of the Holy Spirit are your eternal guides.

Don’t waste your time battling the enemy. He may be a master at deception, but God is an infinite revealer of all truth. Satan will never outwit God. With every temptation, God has a planned way of escape for you, but you must take hold of the opportunity.

Never think that when you begin to head in the right direction the enemy simply will shrug his shoulders and walk away. He doesn’t give up that easily. However, he’s no match for the Lord. God has written His Word on your heart. Claim His promises and believe they are yours—given from a mighty, all-powerful God—to be used in your defense and for your blessing.