God Never Makes Mistakes

We also exault in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope. – Romans 5:3-4

Was Paul out of his mind when he wrote the words above? Not at all. Rather, he had come to understand his position in Christ. He realized that he had been saved from an eternal death and that Jesus had paid the penalty for his sin on Calvary’s cross. While others may have been whining about their losses and missed opportunities, Paul was exulting over the grace that had been given to him by his Savior.

Have you really embraced the truth that God has saved you from an eternal death? Many people today are struggling with deep-seated emotional problems because they have the wrong focus. Their minds are set on the wrong object—themselves. Paul’s mind, however, was set on Christ.

Just like many of us, Paul faced prejudice, persecution, and abandonment. Yet he wrote, “God demonstrates His own love toward us” (Romans 5:8). The verb demonstrates denotes continuing action. This means that God is still doing this. He doesn’t just save you and then forget you. Instead, He never lets your slip outside of His thoughts. You may feel as though you have no one to turn to, but you have a Savior who is willing to walk through every valley with you. All you need to do is call out to Him in faith.

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God is always near to us, but He sometimes allows us to decide whether or not we want Him to be a part of our lives. We can grab the reins out of His hands and even tell Him that we are going to do all the driving. Usually, this is when He allows our plans to derail. On the Damascus road, Saul came face-to-face with the living Lord. Up to this point, he was sure that he was in control of his destiny. After meeting Jesus, however, Saul—who later became known as Paul—had a different attitude. His greatest passion was to love and serve Jesus Christ.

What is your greatest passion?