Gluing the Pieces Back Together

Gluing the Pieces Back Together

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.
– Psalm 127:1

Did you grow up in a broken family? Were you abused or neglected? Do you want to make sure your sons and daughters aren’t treated the way you were?

If this is your story, you can break the cycle. Perhaps your home was emotionally starved. As an adult, you wonder if you will ever truly love your spouse or be able to receive and trust that someone else loves you. Just remember, all love begins and ends with God.

Just remember, all love begins and ends with God. Click To Tweet

If love was not properly modeled to you while you were growing up, you won’t know how to love the way God loves. However, He is more than willing to teach you. Don’t worry about getting everything right. Just ask Him to show you how to love your family the way He loves you—and He will.

Baby steps are quite acceptable here. Begin slowly. When you feel emotionally charged and want to strike out at one of your family members, think about how patient and loving God is with you. Slowly but surely, He will build His character into your life, and love will overflow into your family.