Getting Real with God

Getting Real with God

Nobody likes a trickster. Nobody likes a conniver. Nobody likes it when someone is running a game on them. We’ve all been affected by that, or maybe we’ve even affected people that way.

It’s hard to run a game on God, because He knows where we’re coming from, He knows why we’re doing what we’re doing because He’s a motivational reader. He not only hears what we say, He knows why we said it. When you’re willing to be honest with God, you’ll find out that God responds to that honesty. You put the tricks behind you, and you come clean with God in prayer in communication with Him, you’ll find out that God can use you because you’re being real.

God doesn’t deal well with fake. He doesn’t deal well with the jewelry that appears to be the real thing, but it’s just gold-plated or cut glass. He knows the real deal; He knows the real you. Honesty with God is the root to being used by God in spite of the tricks you’ve played in the past.

We live in a world where you have to do some things to get by. Now that might be the way the world works, but that’s not how greatness is in the kingdom of God. Jesus told the disciples, “You can’t roll like that with me if you want to be used by me, for good, for God and for the benefit of others.”

So, don’t be like Jacob and be a deceiver because you’re not deceiving God. It can come back on you like a boomerang, and you wind up being the deceived by the devil who’s out to try and trick you while we’re trying to trick others. Come clean with God so that He can take you to where you want to be.